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Hot Handed

Embracing the Beast might have been a long time coming, but it was soon apparent that Vallaunius had a lot to learn.

A lot.

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Alaan’s probably forgotten about this little contest I suggested. Light knows there’s been enough excitement lately that petty things like cook offs are no longer important. Not to mention, there’s a world at war out there, and I’m fretting over how to make an omelette.

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I should be studying, but I can’t.

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I’ve only cried because the inevitable has finally come crashing down and it just feels good to do it.

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The following night’s sleep wasn’t as peaceful.

Those earlier confessions had stirred up memories that – while no longer nightmare inducing – were unsettling all the same. Vandrysse had expected this, however, wading through the detached recollections with a degree of irritation. It was better to let it play out rather than forcibly make them go away.

“It’s never too late, you know.”

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I shouldn’t be doing this. But I am.

It’s still wrong. No matter if I’m in my furs, no matter if my back is to him, no matter if I’m saving his life by keeping him warm. We’re touching. It’s wrong.

I don’t need this judgment now.

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