Alaan’s probably forgotten about this little contest I suggested. Light knows there’s been enough excitement lately that petty things like cook offs are no longer important. Not to mention, there’s a world at war out there, and I’m fretting over how to make an omelette.

Vandrysse is showing me how. Our kitchen isn’t as big as hers, but hey – it belongs to Alaan and me. Ours. That alone is an amazing thing, but more about that in a second. The important thing, she says, isn’t the secret ingredients or technique you use to make the omelette fluffy, it’s the kind of omelette you want. Mom’s always had this thing for slipping in philosophy lessons into her talk; I can’t help but think she’s using this as another opportunity as well.
Don’t do it half-assed. A good cook is an organized cook. Know what you want. I like cheese. And bacon. Lots of bacon these days. Maybe a little onion and bell pepper just to pretend I’m eating vegetables. She makes me prep everything, even the bacon*. Slaps my hand when I sneak an extra piece for myself.
The eggs patiently await in a bowl, uncracked.
Perfect, isn’t it? Interesting how an egg in this situation only reaches its full potential when it’s broken. It’s made to be destroyed andtransformed.
She taps the egg against the side of the bowl, and with a well practiced move inserts a thumb into the crack and separates the shell into two pieces, emptying the yolk into an empty bowl. Your turn.
I really don’t want to get out my fur to do this. I’ve been stuck in human skin for twenty four years, and I don’t want to go back just to break some eggs. I cheat. Amazing what a simple cantrip can do. The remaining two eggs float up, hover above the yolk bowl, and crack themselves open, the shells dropping to the counter.
I can tell that’s not what mom wanted me to do, yet at the same time she’s impressed. She doesn’t say anything at that point, just supervises how long I should let the omelette cook to reach its maximum potential fluffiness.
In the end, it doesn’t turn out that bad. I’ll have this down with some practice. Vandrysse is strangely quiet, thoughtful. I think back to what she said earlier.
Funny how things work out, huh? I finally feel I have a strong sense of family. Alaan and I share a home together, and so much more. I finally broke out of the human “curse.” Forget this ‘friend’ bullshit, Vandrysse is becoming more of a mom every day. And I gotta say, I hope one day I’ll be able to call Ellister a dad.
It took twenty four years to finally break the shell. But here I am.

*Note to self: Bacon grease is a bitch to get out of fur, maybe I should do this as a human next time.