Strange Attractors.

I was going to call this blog “Invasive Personalities” after “Invasive Operations” was suggested. But then I started reading up on Chaos Theory (don’t ask why), and I liked the description of strange attractors.

This blog is about everything relating to the madhouse of characters I play and roleplay in World of Warcraft. Most of them are insane, to varying degrees. Many of the stories you currently see are from “Tappet’s Journal,” a Live Journal created almost three years ago specifically for my gnome mage, Nozz Tappet. Over time, I filled it with stories of other characters, as well as the occasional OOC rant. More recently, I created (and as of today, deleted) a WordPress blog for my Forsaken, Chancreuse. In hindsight, it seemed silly to be spread out so much. Thus, shiny new blog.

Please understand, I don’t consider myself to be any kind of writer – “aspiring,” “amateur,” or otherwise. I like to tell stories. I like working with the written word, mainly because I often struggle to express myself through my stumbling speech, which is highly embarrassing. I don’t view these stories as “fanfic.” It’s just character development.

For those who have followed me to this new site – thank you.


Not Chaos like together crush’d and bruis’d,
But as the world, harmoniously confus’d:
Where order in variety we see,
And where, tho’ all things differ, all agree.

~ Alexander Pope, Windsor Forest