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The Bigger Monster

[[I haven’t been keeping this thing updated! Older stories incoming. This is a result of being told to write a “happy” story. Vandrysse imagines how she’s going to handle her kids freaking out over closet and bed monsters.]]

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[[I asked my guildmates for story suggestions, and my guild leader suggested I write about a character I didn’t know very well. And this just suddenly came to mind.]]

The ground’s frozen so hard you can’t bury the bodies. It’s not the worst of the situation, but it’s the most depressing. To make matters worse, someone in higher ups thought it would be a good idea to keep fighting the Horde, so you can imagine it makes it darn tough to get out there and retrieve the fallen. My brothers and sisters in arms stack up like cordwood on the battlefield, whole bodies and parts and pieces, until we either catch a break or the Scourge reanimates them.

Some mornings, I wake up and the light has never seemed so far away.
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Everyone has a skeleton in their closet.

“Hey! Vandrysse, is that you?”

… that voice …

“Why, it is! I haven’t seen you since … since …”

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A Tale of Tenacity

[[Originally written as a book for the Wordy Bird PC event, but since that no longer seems to be happening, I’m posting it here. Inspired by the koan, “Publishing the Sutras.”]]

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“Don’t come any closer, Vandy.”

The priestess complied, watching as Maron snorted and whinnied – it was taking everything Karin had to keep him from bolting. Vandrysse knew full well what the war horse was capable of, and knew to keep distance from those hooves.

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Her muscles felt like they had been cut so many times over with blades, but the very worst pain of all was in her shoulder. Though the wound had been carefully cleaned and healed earlier that day, it felt as fresh as the moment it had been made; several times during her fitful sleep that night, Vandrysse found herself touching the place, as if to make sure. Sometimes she woke up to the sensation of trickling blood, but it was only her imagination.

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The Field

The dream went something like this:

She was back in the empty field – empty save for the tall blond grass that grew in every direction. It met the horizon at a perfect line, its color clashing against a black-gray sky. That the setting might appear ominous still didn’t occur to her; Vandrysse liked the rain and the storms, not to mention the contrast of light and darkness.

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Not Quite a Cure

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[[A result of in-game roleplay.]]

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Vandrysse Dyce

Commission by Wilhiem. Please check out her art, it’s unique and reasonably priced.

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