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[[The definition for chancreuse comes from the Medical Lexicon I use to name my Forsaken characters, although according to its base word, chancre, it appears around an area that’s not fit to describe to the general public. It’s a pretty looking word that represents something rather gross. Naturally, I wanted to use it.

As for what happened in Southshore, well, that was purely my imagination at work.]]

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“Chancreuse and Aethusa”

[[Commissioned art by the awesome Christopher Bennett. He even got the twigs and spider eggs in her hair. Aethusa is adorable!]]

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“Killing Anger”

[[Originally posted Oct. 11th, 2010 at 12:06 PM. Like quite a few people, Nozz has a faction disguise. Hers comes in the complicated form of a Forsaken-appearing mage named Diadexis.]]

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The unit held lessons in orc culture this evening. What I learned:

  1. Orcs are like dogs. Discipline and reward them as appropriate. Use simple terms.
  2. Orcs like it when you compliment the size of their axe.
  3. Orcs love their drink, just like dwarves.
  4. When in trouble, shift blame to inferior races – like goblins.
  5. Standard orcish phrases include: “Thud and Blunder!” and “Luck Ogre!”
  6. Append “honor” to everything. “Was that your worg I just ate? Honor.”