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[Just a little dream …]

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[[I asked my guildmates for story suggestions, and my guild leader suggested I write about a character I didn’t know very well. And this just suddenly came to mind.]]

The ground’s frozen so hard you can’t bury the bodies. It’s not the worst of the situation, but it’s the most depressing. To make matters worse, someone in higher ups thought it would be a good idea to keep fighting the Horde, so you can imagine it makes it darn tough to get out there and retrieve the fallen. My brothers and sisters in arms stack up like cordwood on the battlefield, whole bodies and parts and pieces, until we either catch a break or the Scourge reanimates them.

Some mornings, I wake up and the light has never seemed so far away.
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Everyone has a skeleton in their closet.

“Hey! Vandrysse, is that you?”

… that voice …

“Why, it is! I haven’t seen you since … since …”

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[[Vandrysse confronts the last of the painful memories she’s been harboring for so long with a bit sadism. Eye doodad by me.]]

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The Dream

[[Vandrysse is made to recall childhood memories, so I thought I’d describe one of her dreams.]]

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The wail started out low, barely perceptible to the human ear. Perhaps the acoustics of frozen brick and the tunnel’s shape that led to and from the dungeon underneath Winterguard amplified it; whatever the case, the wail built up, rising in anguished pitch. It didn’t seem possible that a breathing creature could make a noise that lasted that long. One might think a banshee had been imprisoned in the dungeon’s depths.

“Father, the sedative’s hardly had any effect.”

It Starts With a Body

“You can’t beat the harbor view from this height.”

The speaker framed the sinking sun with his hands, as if they could capture the picturesque view. Fiery colors simmered and faded into the evening sky. A younger man accompanied him. Together they shared a jovial laugh, and then it happened – a quick sleight of hand, gold exchanged for a discreet package.
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[[Yes, I quit playing a while ago. Yes, I’m still writing stories for these characters. Why? Because the world of Azeroth is still a magical place; it’s the game itself and some of the people I’ve encountered that aren’t so fun. Not every character is getting a goodbye/final resolution story – which, by the way, is not necessarily what this is. We all know the undead have a nasty way of finding their way back.]]

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[[For the longest time I kept a [Gruesome Heart Box] in Nozz’s bags, not only because it was appropriate and I thought it would have been a good prop, but I wanted to write about it. I often wondered what exactly made it gruesome – granted, finding a heart in a box is bad enough, but I figured there had to be something really special about this one.]]

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[[Based off in-game roleplay during Clockwerk’s fishing excursion RP event.]]

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