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I’ve only cried because the inevitable has finally come crashing down and it just feels good to do it.

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[Just a little dream …]

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Everyone has a skeleton in their closet.

“Hey! Vandrysse, is that you?”

… that voice …

“Why, it is! I haven’t seen you since … since …”

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Not Quite a Cure

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[[A result of in-game roleplay.]]

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My original thought was to suggest a treatment plan, but I do not think you are in need of treatment.

Let me know what your next focus may be, and I will do my absolute best to acquire the pertinent information.

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She’s a Lakeshire girl.


[[Vandrysse confronts the last of the painful memories she’s been harboring for so long with a bit sadism. Eye doodad by me.]]

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[[Based off in-game roleplay.]]


This letter is being delivered to inform you that I am officially requesting that my name be removed from the records of the Cathedral. This request is being made after much soul searching and reflection on my part. Reaching this decision has not been easy …

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Leaves Turning

A Hallow’s End Tale of Three Gnomes

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