Name: Vandrysse Dyce
Race: Worgen
Class: Priest (Discipline/Shadow; ICly Shadow)

Age: 27
Height: 5’4”
Weight: Average
Hair: Reddish brown
Eyes: Brown

Hometown: Township of Lakeshire
Relationship: Currently courting Dr. Ellister Thorley.
Family: Vallaunius Roldan, only son. There is a twin who abandoned the family; he has been summarily disowned and is not spoken of.  No siblings, parents (Roldan and Tynea) are deceased. Distant relatives are scattered across Azeroth – she doesn’t keep in contact.
Professions: Begrudging seamstress, excellent baker.

Distinguishing Marks/Items: A vertical, jagged scar – three to four inches long – is located at the base of her skull, hidden under her hair. Another scar stretches over her abdomen, several inches long, but is well-healed – a ruby lilac tattoo adorns it. The left ringfinger is missing.

She avoids Shadowform unless absolutely necessary, and is rarely seen as a worgen in public.


Vandrysse takes great care to maintain a subdued appearance, which greatly belies the fury underneath. She does her best to be respectful, even polite, and often waxes philosophical on many a topic. Still, it does one good to remember that she is sly, and thoroughly enjoys playing mindgames with people (though very rarely in a malicious way). Despite her acceptance of the Shadow, Vandrysse does not hold to the typical human mindset that Light=Good, Shadow=Bad. She firmly believes that one cannot exist without the other, and thanks to an old mentor, Wilhiem Hammerstorm, she constantly strives to strike a balance between the two. His advice (warning?) to “use the negative for positive means” has become a personal mantra .Why is she so full of rage? You try balancing the Shadow and the Beast while maintaining the illusion of human-ness. There may also be self-loathing over stupid choices she’s made in the past. However, rage should not be confused with hate. Her past may be plagued by bad decisions, but that young woman who had once aspired to compassion still lives on, and day by day she is getting stronger.Background:

Vandrysse served with the 7th Legion and was briefly stationed at Wintergarde Keep. She served as a cleric and infirmary nurse, tending to the leftovers of Scourge attacks. There was an incident in the Carrion Fields that left her the sole survivor of a horrific accident; she was ultimately discharged for medical reasons and sent back to Stormwind, where she spent time volunteering her services at Northshire Abbey and the Cathedral while she “recovered.” Eventually, she renounced the Church. While this wasn’t a public spectacle, it would be easy enough to learn about should one investigate.After the incident at Wintergarde Keep, Vandrysse struggled with alcoholism. Records may exist of her arrests, mostly for drunken brawls at the Pig and Whistle, as well as a few assault charges. Again, these would be easy enough to discover.Vandrysse was briefly married to a warlock, Vincentus Varlisse. At some point during this time, she acquired the Curse, along with suffering under the warlock’s corrupting influence. She was to bear twins, and lost them – until two young men, nearly her same age, appeared and referred to themselves as her sons. She only speaks of one, Vallaunius Roldan.

Currently: Vandrysse resides in Thelsamar. She is one of the co-founders of the Mageroyal Society.

Vandrysse Varlisse